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Working at the Parkhotel Brenscino Brissago

Please click on the link "To the vacancies" to see our job offers. We look forward to receiving your application. Find out more about who we are, how we work and what we offer our employees further down on this homepage.


Application procedure

Please do not send us your application by email but via our own application portal. To do so, click on the link "To the vacancies" above and then on the button "Start application" in the job advertisement itself. We will then receive your application via this channel. The first interview can take place via WhatsApp or Skype. During the interview process, we will present you the hotel and describe your position in detail. In addition to your professional background, we are also interested in your strengths, preferences, interests and what you are like as a person. If possible, we will organise a "trail day" with us so that we can get to know each other better before signing a contract.

Our purpose: «We make people happy»

We want to make people happy. To do this, we come to work every day. We don't cook soups, clean windows, repair motors, water plants, open wine bottles or write emails. We make people happy. That is our purpose.


We are passionate, professional and goal-oriented employees. We work thoughtfully and with foresight. We are aware of our responsibilities. We value and respect our colleagues. We are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them.

What is «Reka»?

The Parkhotel Brenscino Brissago belongs to the Schweizer Reisekasse (REKA) cooperative. REKA was founded over 80 years ago and operates several holiday resorts and hotels at various locations in Switzerland and abroad with 850 employees. REKA stands for fairness and sustainability. Eight out of ten people in Switzerland know about Reka Money, and every seventh family spends a holiday in a REKA facility. This unique combination of the two business areas of leisure money and Reka holidays enjoys great trust among customers. The positive perception stems from the fact that REKA, as a non-profit organisation, has been providing benefits fairly, reliably and with foresight for decades.

Brief description of the hotel

The Parkhotel Brenscino Brissago has 83 rooms, 170 beds, 1 restaurant with a panoramic terrace, 1 pizzeria, 1 pop-up Piaggio bar, 38,000 m2 of botanical park, 1 conference/banquet room for 60 people, 1 mini-golf course, 1 tennis court, 1 bowling alley, 1 outdoor swimming pool (adult pool + children's pool), 78 parking spaces and 1 children's playground.

Team size

The hotel has a total of 45 employees. Each department (reception, housekeeping, kitchen, service, garden/maintenance, revenue/marketing) has a department head and a deputy department head. Each department has between 3 and 12 employees. The administration is centralised at the Reka headquarter in Bern.

Employment contract

Each employee receives a written employment contract. All details are mentioned in this contract so that there are no misunderstandings. Each employee is insured in accordance with the regulations and registered with our pension institutions. Every employee is entitled to 2 days of rest per week and 35 calendar days of holiday per year in the case of an annual contract or around 20 calendar days of holiday in the case of a seasonal contract. As work will also be done on public holidays, each employee will receive an additional 0.5 days off per month. In July, August and September, 45 hours per week are worked. During the remaining months it is 42.5 hours per week.

Work schedules and times

The work schedules are written and communicated by the department heads. They keep track of the hours and attendance of their teams. Every month, the employees receive a work time statement and are informed in detail about any overtime as well as outstanding days off, holidays and public holiday days.


Wages are paid in accordance with the L-GAV (National Collective Labour Agreement). The prescribed wages are meticulously observed. Employees with higher wages are distinguished by their excellence, work experience, training, education and greater area of responsibility.

Salary deductions

60% and not only 50% of the deductions for each employee’s pension fund are paid the employer. Furthermore, the employer does not only pay 50% of the deductions for daily sickness benefits and accident insurance but pays them in full.

Payment day

The salary is paid by bank wire on the 21st day of each month.


There is no general holiday ban for the high season days. Holiday authorisation is at the discretion of the heads of department. Employees with an annual contract are entitled to 35 days of holiday per year. With a seasonal contract, this is around 20 holiday days. From the age of 50, it is even one week more.

Fringe benefits

  • 30% discount on consumption in the hotel's own restaurants
  • Special discount on room rates for family members and friends at the Parkhotel Brenscino Brissago
  • 20% discount on Reka cheques
  • Up to 40% discount on room rates at other Reka facilities in Switzerland and abroad
  • Special discount on room rates at partner establishments of "Garten Hotels Schweiz" and the "Swiss hospitality collection
  • "Staffdeals" 50% discount on the daily rate at participating HotellerieSuisse Hotels
  • Free online language courses with the "Babble" application

Employee accommodation

The hotel provides accommodation for the employees in the hotel. There is a charge of CHF 370 per room per month. The rooms have been renovated in 2019 and look similar to hotel rooms.

Staff catering

The hotel has a "Staff Restaurant". Per month, CHF 220 is charged for one meal per working day and CHF 396 for 2 meals per working day.

Staff comments

...I like the Brenscino because it is a constantly evolving, dynamic company that is always looking for new things to do, so it certainly doesn't get boring.

...I like being at the Brenscino because the working atmosphere allows me to express my generosity and gives me the opportunity to satisfy the guest.

...I like working at the Brenscino because teamwork simplifies the tasks and multiplies success.

...I like working at Brenscino because we are like a family, the team spirit is great and there is a good atmosphere in the team. I can learn a lot and am also encouraged.

...I like it because after so many years there I can do my work confidently and independently.

...I like working at Brenscino because I am constantly encouraged to improve. It's great to work in a place that is constantly evolving and where there is no shortage of listening, sharing ideas and communicating.


Modern uniforms are provided by the hotel free of charge. CHF 50 is paid each month as compensation for washing.

Parking spaces

Parking spaces are available to employees on the hotel premises free of charge.

Tools and equipment

Every year, a high five-digit sum is invested in the renewal and replacement of working equipment. We are convinced that only well-equipped and modern employees can achieve a high work performance.


The digitalisation of work processes is very important to us. We want to move with the times. Our employees are supported by digitalised work processes, thus working more efficiently and having more time for the guests.


We all say "you" to each other. From the general manager to the intern.


Diversity is not a foreign word to us. 45% of our employees are women. 50% of the managers are men. The average age of all employees is 42. The oldest employee is 63 and the youngest 22. The employees come from 5 nations.


Our employees should be able to work independently, think for themselves and make decisions on their own. Problems should be identified, tackled and solved by each employee. We do not want problems to be pushed aside or around. Nor do we want the "boss" to always have to be asked. Independent and goal-oriented work is also more fun.


We support employees who want to continue their education. A five-figure sum is made available for this purpose every year. "Brenscino Academy" is the name of our own internal " school". It organises trainings and courses for employees, sometimes together with external companies and consultants. Training is important to us. However, each employee is also encouraged to look for possible trainings and to present them to the "Brenscino Academy". Together we then discuss the feasibility and financing and look for a solution.


Job descriptions, feedbacks, job references

Before starting work, each employee receives a job description in which his or her tasks, competencies and responsibilities are listed. A formal feedback interview is held once a year with the employee's supervisor. At the end of the employment relationship, each employee receives a written job reference.

Hotel guests

80% of our hotel guests come from German-speaking Switzerland. During the school holidays, they are primarily families with children. Outside the school holidays, the majority of hotel guests are couples of mixed ages. 95% of the guests are on holiday at the Parkhotel Brenscino Brissago. The remaining 5% are business people, i.e. seminar participants.

Internal communication channels

All department heads have a personal email address. General email addresses such as or are also available. All staff members have the communication application "Hotelkit" installed on their computers or mobile phones. This guarantees that every staff member receives the necessary information. We have an "open-door policy", i.e. every employee must be able to talk to the supervisor or the management without any problems. Every day the department heads and the management have a ten-minute briefing and once a week a sixty-minute meeting.


Our employees should enjoy their work. We communicate openly and directly. Our working environment is friendly, collegial and social. We treat each other with respect. Everyone is allowed to speak their mind openly. Mistakes can be made and we talk openly about them. Our attitude is positive towards everything. We are open to new things and changes. We all pull together. Very good cooperation between the departments is important to us.