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Far down toward the Northern end of Lake Maggiore are the Brissago Islands with their famous gardens, one of the most visited excursion destinations in Ticino. Plant lovers are somewhat less familiar with the fairytale botanical gardens of Parkhotel Brenscino Brissago. Yet it is one of the most diverse and oldest of its kind on Lake Maggiore.

In the 38,000 m2 hotel park, which is open to the public, enjoy the breathtaking lake panorama through the scents of a unique subtropical flora. You will be amazed by 500 rarities and exotic eye candy from all over the world - flowers, bushes and ancient trees that can only be found here. In this natural paradise you will enjoy excellent hotel services, events and unforgettable hours of tranquillity. One of the most beautiful gardens in Ticino is at your feet. Discover what our garden team has been nurturing and caring for for almost 40 years and how it continues to thrive.

Hotel and park - a long history

Fairytale-like for over 100 years

The history of the hotel is inextricably linked to its park. And what's more: the botanical garden of yesteryear became the eponym for the "Parkhotel Brenscino Brissago". What began as a villa in a sunny location developed into a spa hotel with 20 rooms in 1913. In 1917, the owners of the time expanded the "Brenscino" into a holiday home with its own access road and connection to the water supply. In 1922, plots of land in the neighbourhood were added to the property. From 1949 onwards, regular investments were made in the hotel, which now had 60 rooms. And in 1986, the garden's great hour arrived. It was completely upgraded and received the status it deserved as a unique symbol and feature of the "Parkhotel Brenscino Brissago". Since then, it has enjoyed special care and intensive attention. From the enchanted "jungle" in the Mediterranean climate on the steep slope, a blossoming garden idyll emerged that rivals other Ticino parks in every respect.

Martin Russenberger and his team

The life's work of the master gardener

Some call Martin Russenberger the "Indiana Jones of gardeners", probably because he spares neither effort nor wilderness to marvel at rare plants in their natural environment. One thing is certain: in almost 40 years, our "veteran" has created a fantastically rich oasis. Of course, he has a "green thumb". But this task requires more: a vision and a concept for the whole park. Martin knows the microclimate of every corner and has a feeling for where which species feels at home. He is connected with his plants every day, there is hardly any time for holidays. The garden is his life, this is his world, this is where he cares for his green kingdom with heart and devotion. And he lets it grow, blossom and flourish so that you, as a guest, are enchanted by colours and caressed by fragrances in every season. Martin's signature also characterises the rest of the hotel's surroundings, all the way up to the panorama pool. You will discover his treasures everywhere.

Subtropical Highlights

500 Beauty Queens
from Aloe to Zisiphus

Do you know the rare climbing mouse-thorn, native to Gran Canaria? It takes up to 15 years before it flowers for the first time in a new location. Or the Indian banana, a deciduous tree with thick, round fruits that actually taste like bananas: When its flowers open, they are male and only later become female. After more than 140 years, our mighty Andes fir has come to the end of the line. Martin has produced offspring from what was for decades probably the oldest tree exotic on the lake. A sturdy sprout has already been planted in its place, which will fill the gap with dignity. More stories? Our giant bamboo sometimes grows 40 centimetres in 24 hours. The Chilean national plant Lapageria made its first appearance in our country. And you can admire the rare Australian tree fern, surrounded by European species, at Martin's favourite spot. While lingering in our park, you will experience the harmonious coexistence of native and exotic plants. Are you a specialist or a real fan? You will find the Latin names of the "exhibits" along the way. The updated list is in progress and will be available for download in the summer. Or you can ask at our reception.

Our park. Your paradise.

Hotel Holidays in the Park

Enjoy the silence. Rest one of the hammocks. Or take a walk with your loved ones to the floating gardens by the biotope with its water lilies and lively newts. Play a game of outdoor chess in the cool of the morning or treat yourself to a round of mini-golf on the 18-hole course in the shade of the old trees. In the evening, get that cool drink at the Piaggo bar and retreat to the observation bench at Tramonto d'oro - the view sweeps far across the lake, the balmy breeze plays with your hair. But there's more: the yoga path to find your inner self, the witch's garden with its wild herbs, sugar plants to try and ripe tropical fruits fresh from the tree. With us, you can immerse yourself in the splendour of this garden paradise that is unique far and wide. By the way: Every Friday at 10.30 a.m. we will guide you through the park on request. Let yourself be inspired by Martin Russenberger's joy (presentation in German).