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Cookie Policy

Reka uses so-called browser cookies (hereafter called “cookies” to simplify the use of this website and other websites and applications (hereafter called “websites”) operated by Reka and to obtain indications for the improvement of the information and services that are accessible via the website. In this Cookie Policy, we are providing you with information about our use of cookies on the Reka website.

This is how cookies work

Cookies are small text files that the browser stores in a designated directory on the user’s computer. Cookies, for example, enable text entries that have already been entered in form fields on the website to be stored locally, so removing the need for these to be entered afresh when the website is visited again or when switching between individual functions of the website.

Cookie Settings

The decision as to whether the web server of our website is permitted to store cookies on your computer is one that you can make. You can, at any time, opt to set your browser so that no cookies are accepted and saved. Instead, you can elect to receive a warning message each time you accept a cookie, or you can set your browser to accept only cookies from certain websites. You can also delete previously saved cookies at any time.

We point out to you that the use of certain functions on our website may be restricted or prohibited if you decline to accept cookies from the website. To simplify the use of the website, we therefore recommend that you set your browser to accept cookies from our website.

Web analytics services

We use web analytics services (Google Analytics, Crazy Egg) to monitor the use of the website generally and to obtain indications for the improvement of our offer. The web analytics services use cookies in order to collect data. The technical information generated during this process (i.e. operating system of the calling computer, internet provider, browser type, IP address of the user, date and time of access, webpages from which the user’s system reaches our website, as well as webpages that are accessed by the user’s system via our website) can be transmitted in anonymised form to a server of the web analytics service in Switzerland or abroad and stored and processed there. By setting your browser options accordingly, or by setting an opt-out for cookies of the respective web analysis service, you can prevent cookies from being stored on your computer and data from being collected.

Youtube videos

The website makes use of various Youtube videos that are embedded in extended data protection mode. Youtube is only able collect data about the website user after the user has clicked on the Youtube video.

Online marketing networks and remarketing

Reka has its online marketing activities (i.e. banner ads and affiliate programmes) carried out by internationally active, online marketing networks like Google Adwords. Such networks use cookies to tailor marketing efforts to the identifiable needs of customers.