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Discover far more than just Risotto and local restaurants. Art, theatre, music and architecture are also at home in Ticino.

Mario Botta

Currently the best-know local architect with international fame. His buildings are located around the globe and in Ticino. His latest work, opened in 2017, is located on the Monte Generoso. The "Stone Flower" as it is being called is an interesting day trip.

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Teatro Dimitri

Unfortunately, to the regret of many, since 2016, clown Dimitri’s jokes and art is up in heaven. However, his theatre and the “Dimitri Academy” continue to receive spectators and students in Verscio. Shows are very often sold out. The applause is always overwhelming. Dimitri is still in people’s hearts.

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Moon & Stars – Locarno Festival – Jazz Ascona

Every year the three “mega events” attract countless film and music fans to Lake Maggiore. For about 20 days the region gets a touch of glamour, Hollywood gloss and New Orleans rhythms. Enjoy the vibes and come back to the silence of the Parkhotel Brenscino Brissago to rest.

  Jazz Ascona

  Locarno Festival

  Moon & Stars

Ghisla Art Collection

Pierino Ghisla was born in Ticino. His profession took him out into the world. His heart However seems to have stayed in Ticino. In June 2014, he and his wife opened the "Ghisla Art Collection " and gave the region an "art injection" that nobody would have every imagined in the wildest of dreams. A high-class and very varied collection of pieces of art that Pierino Ghisla fell in love with at several places on his travels and could not resist to buy.

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