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Eat consciously

Choose what fits you best. It will definitely be wonderful. Buon appetito!

Eat consciously

We want you to eat a healthy and balanced meal with us. However, you should not go on a diet, because after all you are on holiday and have left the scales safely at home.

You are welcome to eat a three-course menu and choose only chocolate desserts. You just have to do this consciously and know that this choice might not be the best one. We have written the balanced, somewhat healthier and more sustainable dishes in the menu in green. Maybe choose one of these dishes “in green” and combine it with another. Then you will have eaten “consciously”. It’s that simple!

We have chosen to not labe the dishes as vegetarian, vegan or low-calories. Be open to something new, get to know regional products and come with us on an interesting culinary journey. We would love that! The restaurant staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.